You will benefit from a Co-Working Environment

You will benefit from a Co-Working Environment

Though Limpopo still has a curfew and limited movement, citizens are still being asked to stay and work from home.

Is this something that is not working for you?

Need an escape to focus on work and your desired dreams for the business?

Is a flexible working schedule of high value during these hard times?

Or do you simply need to spend some quality time in a peaceful area where there are no distractions?

We here at Buzworx offer a wide range of coworking units available to those entrepreneurs who still want to strive in the business field.  


Coworking spaces are becoming an increasingly popular option. They are fundamentally a shared workspace with board meeting complexes, and isolated office cubicles, allowing for those who are looking for some isolation or a great place to hold meetings or whether it is completing a team project. At Buzworx you can find yourself in a space that facilitates your needs regarding the work you can’t complete at home and allows you to step out of that home-social isolation, and encourages you to interact with the community around you.


Whether your work is privately owned or you work for retail, insurance, recruitment, sales advertising, etc. Buzworx’s coworking facilities will allow you to continue that desirable work-life balance.


Office space rental can be expensive when dealing with a small business due to prices inflating on a monthly bases. The majority of these office rentals are a long-term financial commitment. However, this is where Buzworx’s coworking spaces benefit you as the client due to our day-to-day, month-to-month, or long term basis comes in. Whether you want to come in a few times a week and then commit to a longer contract we try best to facilitate your needs and what would benefit your business.


Coworking has proven to promote many companies.

It’s a creative and innovative way to work.

Whether it is for yourself or a larger group of people, it allows you to meet new entrepreneurs with the same mindset.

If you’re someone who no longer wants COVID-19 being the reason for your limitations in working, visit Buzworx and meet our team.

Explore your options, you might find that making the way out of your house for a few days a week is the best option for you and your company. This incredible hospitality will show you there are ways in exceeding during these unpredictable times. Start now and make your work thrive, work with fantastic groups of people, with the freedom and flexibility your business deserves in the most productive environment thinkable.


by Gabriella Straub






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