So, why are we different?

We created Buzworx with young professionals and entrepreneurs in mind. You are the inspiration to our feature rich co-working environment.

At Buzworx we change the way people work, for the better.

Flexibility & Affordability.

Because common spaces and facilities in a co-working space are shared, the costs are a fraction of those associated with setting up and running a traditional office. With co-working, you don’t have to pay for space, infrastructure and services that you don’t use all the time. Just pay as you go each month for everything you need to conduct your business.
Saving you money.
Growing your network.

Collaboration & Networking

We understand the importance of collaboration and networking for independent business people and entrepreneurs. This is why Buzworx is designed to encourage interaction, both in comfortable open areas and in more formal meeting rooms.

Professional & Comfort.

We’re proud of our co-working space, which combine elegant interior design with cutting-edge technology and optimal comfort. Co-working facilities offer entrepreneurs and businesses access to a professionally furnished office without the cost of signing a lease, buying or leasing furniture, and the hassle of running an office.
All the bells and whistles.